Sidekick Access Point Extender
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  • Sidekick Access Point Extender
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Item #: SK-AccessPoint Extender
Price: $199.00
Ethernet Cable:

Sidekick Access Point

The Sidekick Access Point is designed for vessels or other applications where a Sidekick Wi-Fi Router/Firewall is in use but is located either behind a metal structure, such as in a cabinet or room on steel vessel, or maybe the range to the users' location is further away than the standard Wi-Fi signal can reach. Adding a Sidekick Access Point will allow you to create a second Wi-Fi hotspot in a second location where the signal will be strong and easily accessed. All traffic through this access point is still firewall managed by the primary Sidekick, so you are not compromising your satellite phone connection or usage restrictions.

Sidekick Access Point is compatible with any Sidekick router and best when paired with a broadband satellite system such as Iridium Openport or Certus, Inmarsat FleetOne or Fleet Broadband, and VSAT such as KVH or other.


    Existing Sidekick Wi-Fi router


    Sidekick Access Point device with custom configuration ($199)
    Ethernet Cable: 50ft / 100ft / Custom ($1 per foot)