GRIB Explorer
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Unleash the power of GRIB weather data with OCENS easy-to-use GRIB viewer.

GRIB Explorer supports almost every conceivable weather and ocean data variable available in GRIB format. Surface pressure, wind, waves, swell, cloud cover, pre- cipitation, sea temperature, currents, salinity, subsurface temperatures and mixed layer depths and more.

GRIB Explorer takes full advantage of the hi- definition GRIB data that is available from WeatherNet. In many cases, spatial resolutions reach as low as 1/32 degree lat/lon for surface currents, temps, mixed layer depths and surface heights.

Automatically open and view GRIB data in full color.
(Mistral winds in France)
Easily layer multiple weather parameters for enhanced analysis
(Wind, Surface Pressure, Precipitation)
Customize how the data is displayed to suit your needs.
(Wind data displayed as barbs, gradient, or contours)
View cursor position latitude and longitude, and weather data with a convenient heads-up display.
(HRRR hourly wind data)

Add graphs of weather variables with the touch of a button.
(Hurricane Issac with 3d and horizontal profile tools)

*not all features available on Mac.

Animate GRIB weather forecasts for multiple products to gain an intuitive feel for how weather and ocean conditions are likely to change in the coming days.
Zoom to specific locations and view in high detail.