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Iridium GO! exec® Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS)

Iridium GO! exec® Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS)

Add Versatility, Inside and Out

Get more from your Iridium GO! exec with the Fixed Installation Kit – designed specifically for remote buildings or recreational boating.

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Who Is This Kit For?

Enhance your Iridium GO! exec experience with the Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit, designed for remote buildings or boating. Get the most out of your device and stay connected wherever you go.



Stay connected while at sea with the Iridium GO! exec Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS). This kit is designed to provide reliable and convenient communication options, no matter where your vessel takes you. With the use of an external antenna, you and your passengers can stay updated on changing conditions and stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues via phone, chat apps, email, or social media. This kit has the flexibility and dependability you need for peace of mind connectivity.



Connect anywhere with the Iridium GO! exec Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS). Ideal for remote workers, scientists, and adventure enthusiasts, the kit lets you mount the device on any building to use satellite communications indoors. In emergency situations, humanitarian or aid workers can still make high-quality voice calls and use chat apps with Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, offering speeds up to 22 Kbps transmit / 88 Kbps receive even when local infrastructure is compromised.

Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit Features and Specs


  • Enables enhanced connectivity indoors
  • One solution for land or maritime use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 1-year warranty


  • Ingress Protection: IP65 for Iridium GO! exec device (with all port covers closed) and IP68 for Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit with Antenna - Dust - Water
  • Military-grade Ruggedness: MIL-STD-810H - Shock - Vibration


  • At Sea: Recreational maritime
  • On Land: Remote homeowners, vacationers/adventurers, scientific research, remote industry, humanitarian
Iridium GO! exec® Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS)

What's in the Kit

  • Iridium Dual-Band (Iridium/GPS)
  • Passive Antenna Cable (LMR 400: 5m/16.404ft)*
  • GNSS Cable for Active GNSS Antenna (RG316: 5.25m/17.224ft)*
  • Cable Adapter (RG316: 0.15m/5.905 inches)
  • Stainless Steel Mast / Rail Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Cradle Kit
  • 1” Ball, Square Base and 4 x Stainless Steel Metal Screws for Fixed Mount
  • Cable Ties
  • User Installation Guide
*The Iridium GO! exec only supports up to 5 meters due to technical limitations.

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The new Iridium GO! exec is a data-centric device ideal for email, financial transactions, weather, and chat apps. Get it now!