KVH TracPhone V3-IP or HTS mini-VSAT
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Small and Powerful Ku-band VSAT – ideal onboard Broadband Solution

Stay connected so you can spend more time onboard your boat or yacht! For high-quality, always-on broadband data connections, an integrated voice line for crystal-clear calls, and data speeds as fast as 2 Mbps, choose KVH’s ultra-compact 37 cm (14.5 inch) TracPhone® V3-IP antenna and the worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network – the no. 1 maritime VSAT service. TracPhone V3-IP’s exclusive ArcLight® spread spectrum technology enables use of small, powerful antennas with no compromise in coverage or data speed.

Streamlined Belowdecks Unit Simplifies Life Onboard

TracPhone V3-IP features the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) for easy installation and use. The ICM is a streamlined belowdecks unit that combines everything needed into one 2U high enclosure:
  • IP-enabled antenna control unit for easy set-up and use
  • CommBox™ Network Manager to make is easy to set up unique Internet access for owner, crew, and guests
  • ArcLight spread spectrum modem
  • oice over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0 – Complete Solution for Small Boats

The TracPhone V3-IP is the key to mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0, the most complete satellite communications solution for the maritime industry. Enjoy the ease of a single provider for all the boat’s broadband needs – with fast Internet access, airtime rates as low as $0.49 per MB, and phone calls for only $0.49 per minute worldwide. Also, receive gigabytes of entertainment and operations content every month with IP-MobileCast, without impacting the boat’s airtime plan.

Contact OCENS for equipment and airtime pricing.

Exclusive Technology

World’s Smallest Maritime VSAT Antenna

The TracPhone V3-IP is a breakthrough maritime satellite communications product designed for the broadband era and its requirements for onboard networking. Developed by KVH specifically for the industry-leading mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone V3-IP uses a 37 cm (14.5 inch) diameter antenna dish, in a 39 cm (15.5 inch) diameter antenna unit.

ArcLight® Technology

KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network takes a revolutionary approach to maritime satellite communications to maximize data and voice throughput while preventing interference to adjacent satellites. The network is based on ViaSat’s ArcLight Code Reuse Multiple Access (CRMA) spread spectrum technology, which significantly reduces contention issues, transmission delays, and offers more consistent speeds and shorter ping times resulting in faster web page loads compared to traditional Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology relied upon by other VSAT networks.

Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)

TracPhone V3-IP’s breakthrough new streamlined belowdecks unit includes an IP-enabled antenna control unit, built-in CommBox Network Manager, ArcLight spread spectrum modem, Voice over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities all in a compact 2U unit for faster, trouble-free installations and user experience.

mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0 – Complete Maritime Communications Solution

KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0 encompasses advanced technology and digital onboard tools for helping maritime operators increase operational efficiency, improve crew welfare, recruit and retain skilled seafarers, and enhance their security. The solution includes the advanced antenna technology of the TracPhone V-IP series systems; the MPLS security and global coverage of KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband satellite network; the myKVH web portal for managing onboard data usage; and the unique multicasting content delivery of IP-MobileCast.

Data is available at advertised speeds of up to 128 kbps in the forward or ship-to-shore direction and 2 Mbps in the downlink or shore-to-ship direction. Actual forward speeds are between 80 and 90 kbps and drop still lower when voice calls are processing through the system or there are contention issues such as other vessels with similar units in the vicinity. OCENS data services such as OCENSMail, WeatherNet, and OCENSWeb address this weakness by compressing your data traffic and accelerating ship to shore transfers 10x to 20x. Since you are paying on a per MB basis, any byte compressed is money you save.

Mini-VSAT Coverage


    KVH mini-VSAT Broadband

Antenna Type


Belowdecks Equipment

    Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)

Service Coverage Area1

    Seamless Worldwide Regions

Maximum Download Speed1

    2 Mbps

Maximum Upload Speed1

    128 Kbps

Billing Method

    Metered (M)

Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet)

    $0.49 USD

Antenna Dish Diameter

    36.8 cm (14.5")

Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight

    39.4 cm (D) x 44.7 cm (h) / 11.3 kg
    (15.5" (D) x 17.6" (h) / 25 lbs)

System Option: CommBox Software Bundles Available

    Standard or Enterprise Packages

System Option: Built-in Crew Calling Gateway

    Available; contact Airtime Services for details

System Option: Iridium Pilot Secondary System

    Available as standalone system (P/N: 72-0537-01) or V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle w/least cost routing (P/N: 01-0357-01)

System Option: IP-MobileCast Services

    Available; contact KVH for details

Antenna Operating Temperature

    -25°C to +55°C
    (-13°F to +131°F)

System Options UCH-250 Fax Server

    For enterprise-grade faxing over IP (P/N 19-0520);

System Option: OneCare Premium Support Program

    Available; see kvh.com/onecare for details

IP-MobileCast Packages & Independent Channels Available


IP-MobileCast Operations Packages Available


Elevation/Azimuth Range

    7.5° to 75° / 720° rotation

Antenna Unit Power

    DC; provided by ICM

Antenna Survival Temperature

    -35°C to +70ºC
    (-31°F to +158°F)

Heading Input


ICM (BDU): Dimensions

    42.6 cm (l) x 41.4 cm (w) x 2U (h) (16.8" x 16.3" x 2U)
    rack-mountable with optional mounting provisions2

ICM (BDU): Weight

    5.1 kg (11.25 lbs)

ICM (BDU): Temperature

    Operating: -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F);
    Survival: -15°C to 70°C (5°F to 158°F)

ICM (BDU): Input Power

    100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz auto switching, 1.6 A max

ICM (BDU): Data Interfaces

    4 Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, 100 Mbps; 1 Wi-Fi 802.11; 3 USB ports

ICM (BDU): Voice Interfaces

    1 RJ11 port for VoIP services

Remote Support



    Complies with the specifications of EC directive 1999/5/EC Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE), per compliance with EC directive 2006/95/EC, EMC directive 2004/108/EC and IEC 301-427


    Comprehensive 2-year parts, 2-year labor warranty supported by KVH’s worldwide Certified Support Network (CSN)3

Matching TracVision Unit

    Standard - TV3
    Alternate - TV5

Alternate Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight

    49 cm (d) x 53 cm (h) / 13.6 kg
    19" (d) x 21" (h) / 30 lbs

1 Published data speeds are maximum speeds and may vary in different regions and under different conditions.
2 Optional Belowdecks Mounting Case (KVH Part No. 72-0368) available for vessels without a rack.
3 Unless subject to in-country regulations. Restrictions apply. Visit www.kvh.com/warranty for details.