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Whether you are cruising in the Bahamas, delivering a barge to Alaska, racing to Newport, exploring in central Africa or fishing in the Pacific, a common thread is shared. Your satellite phone needs to work, even if nothing else does.

At OCENS, every day we strive to separate our company from the fad and fancy, which is much of the satellite phone marketplace, by reminding ourselves what reality our customers face. This abiding attitude is reflected every day in the Software we develop, the Products we sell and the commitment we make to the after-sale Support of our customers.

You can find many articles on OCENS products and services throughout these and other various publications:

World Traveler Avoids Storms by Utilizing the Power of Iridium® and OCENS

Wanted to let you know about my experience with your tech support guy Pedro. I have needed to speak with him twice over the past year. He is awesome. If he doesn't answer the call he calls back promptly. He is knowledgeable and patient and always helps me resolve the issue. A company like Ocens, really needs a competent tech support as the equipment is imperative to a safe passage. We leave this week to sail from, the Canary islands to the Caribbean. I appreciate being able to get weather and emails. Thank you for having a great team.
Maureen Gapp

“Happy New Year and fantastic customer service! We are very grateful.”
Sandra & Michael on SV EOS heading South :)

Dear Ocens Team,
Thanks very much for the excellent support and service with my Iridium Go service and OneMail subscriptions. I have now successfully completed my voyage and your app was very instrumental and deeply appreciated - thank you!
“This is an excellent app for low bandwidth satellite connectivity such as with Iridium Go and even with BGAN. Has several advantages over the native Iridium email app, including direct access to your email account for send and receive (no forwarding or separate email address required), faster fetch as it only gets headers initially, ability to work on regular internet connections as well as satellite, and many more. And the Ocens support team is excellent and responsive!”
Awele Ndili

Everyone I have worked with at Ocens has been fantastic, helpful and extremely nice,
Brian Scott

And love OneMail - was absolutely a crucial piece of my ability to stay connected to home while in Antarctica on my multiple expeditions this past December and January. It will be equally great to have while attempting Everest and Lhotse in Nepal during April and May of this year as well…hoping to send an email from high camp to my family and friends.

Our team was in the deep field, Antarctica for an extended period. The expedition itself called for a lot communication and relay, so it was critical for dependable services / systems. From sat-phones to Iridium-Go(s), OCENS always provided us with timely and effective support. Even with office closer over the Christmas / New Year holiday, I was able to easily reach the team with an urgent request. We are repeat customers and remain thankful for OCENS; one can’t put a price of safety and reliability!
2041 Foundation

The winner of the 2019 Ocean Navigator Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award is the OneMail version 3 satellite email app from OCENS Satellite Systems and Service. Contributing editor and circumnavigator Ellen Massey Leonard says this about OneMail V.3: “I'm a huge fan... as it's the only satellite email service out there that allows direct access to 'your' email accounts (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). It's made life a whole lot easier for us on board as it allows [my husband] Seth to access his work email without interruption. I think it's getting a lot of traction with Iridium GO users as well as traditional sat phone people.”

As an interesting side light, we traveled with 5 other boats this summer, and one other vessel uses Ocens (boat name of Akeeva). We raved about the Ocens service to our other travelers and I expect they will be calling you for help next season.
Phil Chernin

I have to say. One of the most responsive companies I have worked with. Highly appreciate the efforts of making your customers happy. Highly appreciate it. It seems every time i email or call. You are here to help me immediately...Thank you.
Dennis Kelley

Thanks so much. Your service is great, Ocens is really terrific.
John Kretschmer

For over 12 years, I have worked with your company. Much to your tech's dismay, I'm sure . But in the end once I get a handle on the new technology, we always have a safe quality product to depend on. Best regards to all,

The staff at Ocens are very helpful and easy to work with.
Pedro walked me through renewing my wethernet and grib explorer software, making it very painless. I am a repeat customer, and will continue to use Ocens for all of my satphone and on-demand weather needs!

I just wanted to make you aware of the excellent service I received from Pedro. He is one of the best. Very patent, and knowledgeable about your products. A person who stands above the others ... Thanks,
Fred Carr, OCENSMail user

I would like to compliment Pedro Nunez for the customer support he provided to me. I am sailing in the Bahamas and do not have access to regular Internet. He helped me set up Ocens email and download the necessary drivers for my old Iridium phone. He was very patient and responsive through many emails even though I have limited technical skills. He deserves to be recognized!
Joni Goodman

Love your costumer service, looking forward in using your service(s).
Robert Herzberg,

I have to once again send my thanks to OCENS for their OUTSTANDING technical support. I had some problems last with my 9555 sat phone and interfaces to OCENS weather. Per usual, the OCENS technical support is unbelievably outstanding. I can't think of any company I deal with that provides customer support like Ocens.
Many thanks,

Thank you Ocens. You have kept us safe and secure for the past twelve years of exploring the Lesser Antilles and Bahamas. The ability to immediately communicate via sat phone during family crisis meant we did not have to give up our cruising life when parents were aging. Being able to get weather quickly in all conditions, although out of wifi range, kept us sailing along safely as we ourselves aged! Best of all we could call home to Ocens to have Robin or Pedro, even Mark, talk us through our problems and keep us in smooth sailing mode.
Wish we had magicians like you to ring up now that we have swallowed the anchor!
Harlequinn sold in just a month on the market. . . We are boatless in Seattle.
James and Roni

We’re learning the OCENS software and finding it really great. I had a little trouble at first getting my computer to talk to the Optimizer and phone but your technical support (I talked to Pedro) was fantastic, probably the best I’ve experienced. I’ve been so impressed with the range of weather and ice reports and with their precision. Those who’ve only had Sailmail don’t know what they’re missing!

Ellen Massey Leonard

Hi Jeff,
Got everything yesterday and it all looks great. We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the effort that you put into educating us and helping us make a good choice. Thanks again!

Chuck and Janet

I will be back. I only use the OcensMail service for about 2 weeks in late October and early November, each year, for the Baja Ha Ha. What you do is so greatly appreciated, an I will try to expose your service to the rest of those who make this classic trip down the coast of Mexico. I think that lots of those on this venture would be well-served by what you offer. As always, thanks, and special thanks to your crew who help me get re-connected each year.

Great product, great service.
Fin Beven

Thank you very much for your assistance when my wife called you during a medical emergency at our hunting camp. She said you were most helpful in obtaining more minutes for our sat phone. Between the air force C130 and a Blackhawk helicopter which we wouldn't have been able to get without the sat phone we saved the live of a fellow hunter who was having severe breathing and heart problems. It is amazing how fast the minutes of use add up when you are trying to coordinate between state troopers, air force personnel, medical people and giving weather reports to flight crews and everything else. The event started at 9:30pm on 9/17/13 and took two different rescue attempts by four different crews because of severe weather (snow, wind, rain, and darkness). It took thirteen hours to finally get to us and airlift him out. The Blackhawk landed and picked him up, flew him to Gakona where he was transferred to a C130 which flew him to Anchorage to Providence hospital. He spent five days in the hospital and was released on the sixth day. Thought you might like to know the results of your help. The sat phone worked great.

Again thank you so much for your help.
Dave Carroll and Ben Cabo Alaska hunting crew


View blog post by David Burch of Starpath School of Navigation on using OCENS services for the OAR Northwest voyage. CLICK HERE

"We are using their (OCENS) outstanding WeatherNet service (both for Mac and Windows) and OCENS Mail e-mail services as well as satellite phone service. Their download times and cost effectiveness is second to none and we have never had a single failure or delay in getting our data."
Charles J Stutz
SY Dreamcatcher

Thanks Robin, It's been a pleasure working with you guys over the last 6 years or so and if I resume my cruising, you can count on my business.
You have provided me incredible service whenever I needed, for which I am greatly appreciated.
Have a good summer!!!
Fair winds,
~ ~ ~ ~ _/) _/) ~ ~ ~ ~
Dick Drechsler, S/V Last Resort
Catalina 470, #140

Subject:RE:error 3021
Thanks, Pedro.
(Your fix) Worked perfectly!
Another example of the excellent support from Ocens.
Best regards from Busuanga in the Philippines.

Subject: Kudos
Just a quick kudo to you all. With several boats passaging to Haiti with critical items, your products are helping keep them safe. Its not an easy voyage thru the Windward Passage this time of year. Just wanted to tell you your services can be lifesavers.
Thank you. Its more than just data you provide.
Joan Conover
Sv Growltiger

Subject: Happy Customer
having now worked w/the software, and your star support guy Pedro (what a gem), I now am very happy with the sat phone, software and support.
Michael Spencer

Thanks for the excellent post support on my satphone(s) especially when I had a hardware issue and you swapped out my phone on the spot after a month of use- you guys really provide "service" in both on site support and timely replies to E-mail.
Steve and Monika,

Subject: Your Great Products

Ocens is one of the premier products for offshore sailors. We will certainly visit your booths at the Annapolis Boat Show. With the relief effort to Haiti, the Iridium usage was excellent, for over 5 trips to and from the island from Florida to Haiti over the past year. Other boats passaged as well..using SSB as links, and it works. But the Iridium for data/voice is the best. Price and cost is not the deciding factor in safety! And the rates are certainly reasonable.

Your services also allowed us to help in several emergencies..the latest was cholera in La Gonave. One of the boats was in a different area of Haiti, we contacted via iridium, they were able to get suppies/medical assistance to the island in two days. While several children died in this the most recent episode, we know others were saved. Donna Lange, Oceanswatch, was the captain of the vessel.

Again thank you for your assistsnce. With our personal Iridum as an example..that box has completed two transatlantics, and five or more trips to and from Haiti. Its a tough product...a little work horse. Invaluable for safety!

Joan Conover
Seven Seas Crusing Association
CS Coordinator


Just a note to say THANK YOU for your services. Because you have made all the difference for the safety and success of the Sailorswithoutborders trip to Haiti. Boat damage while passaging thru the Windward Passage required return to Haiti for repairs. The use of your email programs, compression, and quality --the iridum minutes...you have helped not only Tranquility (Capt Cam and Lee plus crew)--but 300 little ones, orphans, and the entire community in La Gonave. SWB will send you the details..but your services are critical to all cruisers. Thank you again. See you all at the Annapolis Boat Show!
We are just completing our ocean passage, about 200 miles to go out of 4000 plus from Palma Mallorca to Antigua W.I. It was a tricky one this year, with all the depressions being pushed south by a dominant high above Western Europe. Your 3 day forecasting has been excellent and spot on! You could almost set your watch to it. Thanks for a great job!


From "Cruising Sailors Bulletin Board"
Ocens WX
By:Steve Date: 10/27/2010, 4:49 am

In Response To: Anyone using WeatherNet and Ocens Grib Explorer for weather downloads ... I've been using these exact products for four years. We go to the Bahamas in November and come back in June. I use an Iridium satphone. It is great...no problems...fast...easy. I don't worry about propogation, etc. It has always worked...wherever. Actually, Chris Parker gets his WX data (gribs) from Ocens. I always get the WX first thing every morning...then decisions are made.

I couldn't say more about how well this system works.


I want to send you a note to let you know what superb support I received from Rachelle today. We had many Trojan virus infections and after AVG cleared them from our computer, we were unable to access our ocens iscribe e-mail. Rachelle was so supportive and informative in helping us re-establish our iscribe e-mail to retrieve important contact information and e-mail messages. I cannot thank her enough.

Please accept our THANKS for 4 years of wonderful service. When we were at sea and had computer issues, your staff helped us even during the times the problems were not directly related to Ocens. Your e-mail service is the most friendly access we have seen and it was wonderful to rely on receiving the contact with family and friends over the sat phone to our computer.

Thanks and May God Bless your staff and we hope you have continued great service to the cruisers we have met. We passed along your service name to many friends.

Thank you again,

Sue E. Shafer


What Users are Saying...

About OCENS Mail...

Just to let you all know, we are keeping the ocens.net as our email address, full time. It's a great service !!
-Karen Zarley

I am currently crossing the South China Sea on my way back to Hong Kong and have to say your OCENS Mail software has been absolutely brilliant! Best regards
-David Smith
May I just say the OCENS Mail is all it is advertised to be and more. I used it exclusively on my annual cruise from Hong Kong to the Philippines and back and was absolutely astounded how excellent it was. My average connection time for email was 49 seconds. Truly brilliant!
-David (Iridium user)

"Hello from off the African coast north of the Cape Verdies. This OCENS is magic. When our sailmail subscription runs out (ssb - pactor modem) will buy a second Iridium phone as a back up and use OCENS exclusively.

"Just a short note to tell you how impressed we are with OCENS mail and the support we have had from your company. We do appreciate great support people and a company that can respond quickly to customer problems.
Again thanks for the great service."
- Bruce & Carla Porter, Carlacat

"Just wanted to drop a note to you that the e-mail system is really really working great. The speed is nothing short of fantastic. Using Verizon cell, or Verizon wireless card, or Globalstar, or my "home wireless system" .... All work with such speed it is amazing. You should be selling this system to every boat that floats around the world !!!!!!

Just moved "True Grit" from Miami to Ocean City, NJ last week. I have been using the Verizon Broad Band wireless card for 2 months. Sitting in the marina at Coconut Grove, FL the speed of the Broad Band was almost like a cable modem. FAST! On the move to NJ most major areas had the coverage. If no Broad Band coverage card switched to the slower 14.4 Kb that had better coverage. Using the "data" connection (9,600 baud) of the Globalstar phone (where I have no Verizon connection) and using the "OCENS" e-mail compression software, I can down load 15-20 e-mails in less then a min. You prepare you e-mails "before sending" then send all at once. Same with reading e-mails, you down load them at one time, then read them off line."
- Bob Wilkins, Ocean City, NJ

"I just installed everything in another computer and weather and email worked perfectly. I got 41 emails in about 4 minutes. You can quote me in saying that this is one of the most impressive software programs I have ever seen. I harkens back to when software developers needed to be smart. Communications and driver software has long been known to require a few great software artists, as you clearly have in your company, and not the flocks of mediocre “teams”. No sane boater would be without this program."
- Bill Bane “Satchmo” M/V Nordhavn 46, In the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally

"...for some reason I resisted using your mail for months and finally got it going. It truly is wonderful."
- Eric Bloomquist

"We would like to renew with OCENS for another three months. We are so pleased with this service. It is our lifeline home, family and business on land. Thanks to your staff for being so accessible too!"
- Virginia Daughtrey s/v Chessel

"On the good reports to you for your use: I now have the latest Vodafone "3G" card and service. It is surprisingly available in Italy, and even for some distance out at sea (once at 9 miles out). When 3G is not available, I have set the program to drop to GPRS. With both of these services, the strength of the signal varies up and down. OCENS ALWAYS finds a way to work with the available signal."
- Bill Baine

"Your email reminded me of my intentions to write you a note about our recent exposure to the OCENS software, OCENS Mail in particular.

I have used a number of others, but none come close to matching the ease, simplicity, efficiency and reliability of yours. Your support people were very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. The air time was never more than 60 seconds even when there were multiple emails to send and receive. The system at the server to limit file sizes or except them worked beautifully, as stated. We had both Sailmail and Winlink available as options, but never used them beyond confirming that they worked.

If you have the time and interest, check out http://www.marionbermuda.com/2003/notes.shtml. We did a string of emails during our race to Bermuda last month. The Marion-Bermuda webmaster picked them up and posted them on their site.

It’s rare that I would write a testimonial, but this was the exception. This is superb software and service!"
- Arthur Bone, s/v Ariel

"I was able to test OCENS during my cruise in British Columbia, and will be strongly recommending it. I was able to download and upload with OCENS in less than one minute, often getting 10 emails. Your product works, and I appreciate the ability to test it. I will subscribe for next year's use or sooner if I have need for satellite communications.  Thank you for the opportunity."
- Gary
"Here is what I've found so far in SE Alaska on my Globalstar phone. We use it every day to do mail. We use OCENS (www.ocens.com) mail product that seems to be working well for us. We can send and get our messages (less than 20 small messages) in less than two minutes, usually less than one."
- Mike Harrington M/V Meander, SE Alaska

About WeatherNet...

Thanks for notice of our impending expiry of service from you.please renew our service for the coming year as your forecasts are 1st class and indispensible for my business in fishing.
-Thanks D. Anderson

"Hi, wanted to let you know that I used your products last summer on my trip through the Northwest Passage (www.northwestpassagefilm.com) and hands down your service was the most reliable thing on the whole trip. It was uncanny; You definitely helped make a very arduous, five month trip, somewhat predictable and straight forward. Many, many thanks!"
_Sprague Theobald

"I use WeatherNet in all my deliveries, it's the only game in town. You can go ahead and put that in your commercial!"
-Jack Harvey

Just so you know, a small story. We left St. Thomas the same day that boat that was lost off Cape Hatteress earlier in the month. I believe they were slightly to west of us as they were headed to Annapolis and we were basically on the direct line to Newport.
We downloaded the GRIB files late afternoon Friday 4 May and took one look at the weather prediction, it was obvious from the surface wind speed and surface pressure data that the gulf stream would be no place to be by Monday. We then contacted our on shore weather router who confirmed our decision to head to safe harbor 15 minutes later by e-mail. We were in a position to make Bermuda, which we arrived Sunday Morning 6 May. By 3 PM Sunday we had double dock lines and watched the very bad weather from the safety of Bermuda Harbor Monday 7 May the day the boat was lost and 3 other vessels issued distress calls.
I personally will never again go offshore without access to WeatherNet. I will continue to use a shore based router to gain access to the larger picture and to confirm our decisions based on the WeatherNet file down loads made aboard. Great product, and, seamless reliable software.
-AJ Fougere
I am looking forward to crossing the oceans with your system as there is nothing I am aware of that equals it. Thanks again for all your help...
Out for now,"
-Robert and Elyse

"OCENS is amazingly fast. To be able to look at the actual images, the 72hr wind and wave predictions, enlarge them, etc. PRICELESS. You have a very good product. Only a fool would not have OCENS on board when doing any coastal cruising or blue water crossings. Here the storms are rolling in one after another, you just cannot ignore the weather and be safe. The more I use it the more I am impressed.
-Peter Treleaven
Soul Sender
Abacos, Bahamas

Skippers praise OCENS Weather Net forecasts

'No record without it'
26 January 2007, Fishing News UK

SKIPPERS Kevin and Fred West were quick to acknowledge the major contribution to the record breaking trip made by the OCENS WeatherNet systems fitted recently to Ryanwood and Castlewood.
"The information received by the systems and updated every six hours through the boats' satellite phones proved invaluable to both fishing efficiency and crew safety throughout the trip. The information received, both in the form of isobars and digital predictions of wind speed and direction at various time intervals, is extremely reliable and accurate to within an hour. By monitoring the predicted wind speeds and directions closely, we could predict with confidence the way and strength that poor weather was coming in and when the wind would hit us."
"On several occasions this prevented us from shooting in moderate conditions, when without OCENS WeatherNet we would certainly have shot and been caught out by severe weather with our gear still in the water."
"At other times we were midway through a tow when the first predictions of rapidly deteriorating weather were received. This early and totally reliable warning ensured that the gear was safely aboard in plenty of time before the wind came through. If we had not decided to fit Oceans Weather Net we would not have established a new record - it's as simple as that."

MacWX has proved very useful.  Last month while at sea off Chile, I had an email from a colleague encountering storms off New England.  They assumed I was at work in Massachusetts.  Instead I used MacWX to request the surface analysis and forecast products for the western N. Atlantic and was able to develop good guidance for the research cruise off New England.  Thanks for a good program! 
-Bob Weller 

"I want to tell you how helpful your GRIB Explorer Software and OCENS WeatherNet Gold were to me in the 2006 Newport-Bermuda Race. As the navigator and foredeck man on a boat entered in the Doublehanded Spinnaker Class, I had very little time for navigation. Using your fast and valuable product, I got decisionable information very quickly. This was of great help in getting me a strong finish."
- Ron Canizares
"I used WeatherNet and the GRIB Explorer in the Regata de Amigos race last month and finished first in class. The winds were extremely light for a few days and everyone in our fleet had to motor some thereby being classified as motor sailing with penalty time for the motoring."
- Jeff Hart

"Thanks so much for your visit to MAKAI prior to the big Race and for your tutelage on OCENS weather software.  We won 2nd in Class honors so your education paid off!"
- Jeff White

"Thank you for helping set up weather net for Regatta. It worked very well and easily.
We viewed it daily and it helped with our strategic decisions."
- Bill Wade
"Just in passing too. My compliments on the GRIB Explorer package. I'm sure I have not got the absolute best out of it yet, but the presentation of data is excellent and it seems pretty user friendly,  even to the 'barely literate'"
- Peter

"WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!! =) =)  GRIB Explorer ROCKS.  Very nice weather info. Very nice product,"
- Gino

"...you folks are wonderful! Wish everyone else would give support and service like you do."
- Sara Wise - s/v Wayfinder

"The email and WX stuff you installed is outstanding. We use it effortlessly and are astonished at the email speed."
- Chuck Wistar s/v Celebrate

"Success in the Transatlantic race with a first in our class. The software and e-mail system worked well, and was very effective over the Mini M connection as well as Globalstar."
- Michael Lawson, s/v Tempest

I have been most impressed with your software and with you personal service. I want you to know that I have been impressed not only with our mail program but with the WeatherNet. When we were in a bad low pressure system three days ago and trying to make decisions based upon weather. The ability to get information via your programs was greatly reassuring. Thanks again,
- Bill Huddleston aboard Shearwater III

Thanks for getting back to me. Before we get all busy here again, we wanted to take the time to say ( again) that:
You and your company have consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service and excellence. In the dozens of interactions we have had with many members of your staff, about a wide variety of subjects, everyone has always been intelligent, courteous, knowledgeable, and fast to respond. Goods have always been shipped exactly as requested, exactly when promised, and correctly addressed. Questions are always answered fast and accurately.

We do business with a wide variety of companies and find that consistent excellence is very very rare. With you, there don't seem to be "good days" and "bad days." Every day is excellent..
This kind of overall superiority has to be more than coincidence, it is obviously a company culture or philosophy, and we applaud it.
- M/V Ocean Explorer

Thanks for your help. Your technical support and products are outstanding.
- Glenn Tuttle

In addition email via Outlook and the OCENS gateway, I demo'd Xweb with both the BBC and CNN as well as WeatherNet. Just amazing what you and your team have built ... it really does work better than I had dared imagine. Thank you again for your patience and support throughout this past week. You won both a fan and for OCENS a long-term client. Kindest regards,
- Ralph Ingersoll
I really cannot express how happy and useful this product is Thank you,
- Bruce w Porter

It works GREAT!! Terrific...as promised. This is the greatest thing for mariners since sliced bread. We will certainly sing your praises to all whom we meet. It seems perfect, no glitches at all.
- M/Y Ocean Explorer

I am aboard my Hunter 466 and just got HIT by a weather front out of the NW I was NOT prepared for. On a moonless night at 3am heading for the shallow, narrow Davis Channel at the south tip of Eleuthera, Bahamas and the rocky lee coast. I would like to have your software "WeatherNet" that was presented at the Miami Boat Show. I have an ICOM IC-M710 and the new Pactor III.
- Mike Harker

"I was competing in the Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge as the navigator and tactician aboard Zukunft IV. We finished 4th in RC and 2nd in IMS on corrected time. WeatherNet was a valuable and reliable tool for the download of weather fax charts and text forecasts throughout the race. The download times via SSB and Iridium were as short as it is claimed by OCENS. We would not have been able to use the SSB for downloading weather fax charts without WeatherNet."
- Berend Terveer, Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge

We recently downloaded 2 Gulf of Mexico ocean temperature charts over a Globalstar phone. Using the conventional tools the download took 10 minutes. Using WeatherNet the same download took 50 seconds for a savings of $7.50.
- WeatherNet User

"The trip back was near-ideal, due in part to the excellent WeatherNet predictions. We made the 360 miles back to Key West in 47 hours. Several other boats found out about our GRIB files and used the current and weather information to plan their return trip and travel along with us. The correct file was especially useful in allowing us to plan the most favorable route both ways. All in all, our experience in Isla Mujeres has been the best of our sailing ventures."
- Pat & Bill Garner, s/v Ubiquitous

"To anyone who makes their living on the water the OCENS WeatherNet product is a must."
- Tom Branshaw, Owner & Captain, FV Northern Mariner, Cordova, AK

"Thanks Rachelle. We had fun and with the Bermuda race we would not have won without being able to download the Gulf current temperatures.

For Halifax it was nice to check on the changing winds since the weather models were wrong at the start. We didn't break the record because of the light winds but at least on elapsed time we won the entire race."
- Lars Svensson

"Be assured , so far they are rating the product as one of the best Weather forecasts for the North Sea they have ever seen."
- Andrew (Selex Communications)

About our Customer Service...

"Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you and your staff for all the help installing OCENS mail, sailblogs and x-web. They were truly helpful as we walked through a number of issues installing the various applications on a new MacBook Pro with the Snow Leopard operating system. These new operating platforms always bring with them numerous compatibility issues -- especially when some of the third-party applications that you use (like Thunderbird) are beyond your design control. They helped us install OCENSmail using MacMail as the interface after several unsuccessful attempts with Thunderbird. Their patients and unrelenting approach got us around the problems, and we are now happily test-driving all the applications before we return from NYC to our boat, Aries Too, waiting in Stuart, FL to begin our winter/spring cruising in the Bahamas."
Best regards from Douglas Klassen and Linda Bialecki on AriesToo (a Krogen Express 53)
"Thank you for all your help today, July 4th; I don't think I could have gotten it done without you. I am impressed with this level of support, even on the biggest national holiday in the USA. Rachelle helped us out in the Marion-Bermuda race a few weeks ago when we got the wrong serial port from an Iridium supplier."
-Jack Harvey-
"Thanks again for everything.. I really appreciate your attention and follow through.. It's service like yours that makes me feel good about doing business with OCENS."
- Derik Wagner - Global Satellite USA

"Thanks for the update. I am pleased to see you guys take such quick action but not really surprised since you have always been very responsive to any problem I have had in the past. I hope this can help make your product even better.
A happy customer,"
-William Headrick

"Thanks for getting back to me. Before we get all busy here again, we wanted to take the time to say ( again) that: You and your company have consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service and excellence. In the dozens of interactions we have had with many members of your staff, about a wide variety of subjects, everyone has always been intelligent, courteous, knowledgeable, and fast to respond. Goods have always been shipped exactly as requested, exactly when promised, and correctly addressed. Questions are always answered fast and accurately.

We do business with a wide variety of companies and find that consistent excellence is very very rare. With you, there don't seem to be "good days" and "bad days." Every day is excellent..
This kind of overall superiority has to be more than coincidence, it is obviously a company culture or philosophy, and we applaud it. again."
- M/V Ocean Explorer

"Thanks for your help. Your technical support and products are outstanding."
- Glenn Tuttle

"Hi Mark&Jeff, I have been back home from the Global-Challenge for a couple of months now and things are starting to feel a little more normal! While the Global-Challenge ended farther differently than I imagined, Sark won both Southern-Ocean Legs, holds the record for Leg2 and was the first boat round Cape-Horn and the first boat to complete her circumnavigation. OCENS made this possible! I would like to thank you & OCENS for your support :) I have valued our relationship immensely and learned so much personally from you...please accept my warmest thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thank you :)"
- Simon Bell, "s/v Spirit of Sark" Global Challenge

In General...

"The MSAT system and OCENS software have revolutionized vessel communication and made it affordable for the average mariner."
- Tim Kinkopf, Marine Operations Mgr, Naknek Barge Lines

I am writing to thank you for all of your advice and assistance over the past 4 months as I have worked with OCENS mail and WeatherNet. You were always available, returned every call and solved all of my problems, allowing me to enjoy these tools that will make our voyage safe and comfortable. I also want to complement you on the clarity and helpfulness of the Help sections - they are a model for other tech support services and a concise reference for refreshing the information after a period away from the computer. Again, we thank you.
- Patrick, Susan and Jonathan Coonan

Success in the Transatlantic race with a first in our class. The software and e-mail system worked well, and was very effective over the Mini M connection as well as Globalstar.
- Michael Lawson, s/v Tempest

"Dear Sir,
Colin Thomas at Straits sailing in Gibraltar has steered me to your products.
Being a luddite where computers are concerned I have surprisingly experienced little problems setting the programs to work with Iridium. Your product is great.
Rachelle in your support team has proved absolutely fantastic, she has replied to e-mails immediately and seems to have bent over backwards in order to get us to sea. She is a credit to your company and as you know it is the people we talk to that sells your product. She is polite, humorous and extremely efficient.
Thank you,"

Thank you very much for this first class reliable service of yours!
-Hubertus Brockhaus

I recently saw your OCENS software [WeatherNet and email service] working on a visiting yacht here in Gibraltar and was very impressed. So much so that I would now like to install the system on one of our charter yachts that makes the trans-Atlantic crossing every year to the Caribbean.
- Colin Thomas, Straits Sailing
You have two of the best cruising products out there and look forward to using them next time we head out.
- Graham Norbury

Hey guys and gals, Thank you very much for your rapid help. I really rely on OCENS for both my mail and weather. We could not have made the trip from the USA to Venezuela without your reliable service and dependable weather downloads. I am not a computer genius and I often will encounter a problem that is beyond my abilities to fix. I appreciate your dedication to your products and service.
- Grant Grove, On board "Reality", Venezuela, South America

"you guys are great and I am very happy with the system and mostly your information."
- Chris D'Amore

"Your support of this project has made such a difference. We presently have Adrian tucked away only a few miles from land but also the same storm that is demolishing the Volvo Ocean Race fleet off the west coast of Portugal. This degree of accuracy would not have been possible without your software."
- Ricardo Diniz, Delfinus Solutions - www.goportugal.org
I have been most impressed with your software and with your personal service. I want you to know that I have been impressed not only with our mail program but with the WeatherNet. When we were in a bad low pressure system three days ago and trying to make decisions based upon weather. The ability to get information via your programs was greatly reassuring. Thanks Again,
- Bill Huddleston aboard Shearwater III

"You have two of the best cruising products out there and look forward to using them next time we head out."
- Graham Norbury

"I really have to admit, after screening all the sources, OCENS has established itself in a unique market position. Very pleased with software and service."
- Thomas Gattinger