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OneMail - Satellite Email App
OneMail - Satellite Email App
OCENS OneMail…live in one world, connect with the other
GRIB Explorer for iPad
SAGA Explorer for iPad
Premium weather, ocean and fishing GRIBs, coastal, offshore, and high seas text forecasts, buoy data and Nexrad radar loops.
WeatherNet (Windows or Mac)
WeatherNet (Windows or Mac)
WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world. It gives you access to thousands of weather and ocean data products world wide, all available to the user on demand by the push of a button.
OCENSMail - Satellite Phone Email Service
OCENSMail - Satellite Phone Email Service
Satellite email service optimized for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
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At OCENS, every day we strive to separate our company from the fad and fancy, which is much of the satellite phone marketplace, by reminding ourselves what reality our customers face. This abiding attitude is reflected every day in the Software we develop, the Products we sell and the commitment we make to the after-sale Support of our customers.


There is nothing average about any of the software we’ve developed. Each of them represent countless hours of attention to the details which matter to the offshore subscriber. WeatherNet is a patented weather service combining a transfer engine specifically configured for satellite phones with a library of classical and modeled weather and ocean data and an intuitive file management system. GRIB Explorer and MetMapper are crafted with tools whose intent is to extract the last possible piece of information from the weather data you obtain from OCENS. OCENSMail sets the bar against which other mail programs are judged for performance and reliability and internet access with OCENSWeb web compression is vastly superior to that without it.