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OCENS can help you put together a satellite communicatons solution tailored to your specific application and requirements.

Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions

Whether Fishing, Pulling, Cruising or other, we can assist you in finding the right communications platform for cost-effectivly accessing the weather, email, internet and providing the voice communications you require.

Satellite Communications: Getting it Installed on your Boat

Cruising Fishing
Ocean Racing Charter/Expediton

Land Solutions

Land Solutions

OCENS Land Mobile provides mobile and fixed satellite communications, network access controls, and VoIP solutions for virtually any land-based application. Please see the specific industry pages below for application details:

Remote Operations (Mining, Oil Field, Construction)
Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery
Emergency Management
Media and Broadcasting
Utilities, Smart Grid, and M2M
Logging, Forestry, and Wildland Firefighting
Emergency Response, Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Security
Outdoors and Sportsmen
Overland and International Travel
Air Solutions

Air Solutions

OCENS provides integrated satellite voice, data, and tracking solutions for your helicopter or private jet fleet. Click on the link below for detailed product and application information.

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