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Businesses can now work from anywhere. Integrated onto their vehicles or recreational vehicles, business-grade connectivity is available on the road or at a campsite far off in the mountains. Always have access to information and content reliably no matter how remote the job site, and experience increased efficiency by accessing communications, analytics, IoT devices and other critical elements.

Public Safety

Kymeta makes seamless connectivity a reality for public safety. Kymeta's hybrid satellite and cellular approach ensures always-ready, always-on, high-throughput mobil connectivity from any location, enabling real -time voice, video, and situational awarenedd, even when terrestrial networks are compromised.

Recreational Vehicles

Kymeta Connect is broadband you bring with you, letting you stay in touch and share your adventures, wherever you go.


Kymeta Connect connects the bus, whether it is in the city or in-between. Bus operators now have access to more operational data, traffic, and road conditions, as well as a differentiated connectivity for their passengers. Passengers can email, surf the web, and engage with social media for the whole journey.


The comprehensive connectivity solution - always on, always available. Purchase yours today.

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