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Make the most of your airtime with services such as:

OneMessage - Satellite Messaging App
OneMessage - Satellite Messaging App
Two-way private text messaging for satellite users.
VOCO Local # Calling Service
VOCO Local # Calling Service
A unique solution to allow satellite phone users to select one or many local phone numbers that will terminate to their satellite phone.
SpotCast Extreme Weather
SpotCast Extreme Weather
SpotCast Extreme weather data service for your satellite phone or device.
FlyCast Aviation Weather
FlyCast Aviation Weather
FlyCast Aviation METAR/TAF for your inReach, Iridium 9575, IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone Pro2

FleetOne Rental

Inmarsat FleetOne Satellite phone terminal

Rental Package Includes:
Cobham FleetOne Marine terminal:

  • Stabilized maritime antenna,
  • 10m antenna cable,
  • Below deck unit.
Power consumption: 120 W @ 10-32 V.

SAILOR Fleet One is a maritime broadband system, based on well-proven hardware and network technology, providing simultaneous high-speed data and voice communication via satellite.

Used with a phone or computer the SAILOR Fleet One gives you access to:

  • Internet access (up to 100Kbps)
  • Ideal for e-mail, social media and weather updates
  • One voice line (4 Kbps)
  • Sms
  • GPS
  • Tracking
  • Download Data Sheet

Packages also includes the following added services exclusively from OCENS:

  • Sidekick Wi-Fi Router/Firewall,
  • OCENSMail and Web with Free Weather data and GRIB reader included,
  • OneMessage messaging service,
  • and SnapTrack tracking service.