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Short intro to the OneMail service and app.

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  • OneMail - Satellite Email App
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Item #: OneMail Activation
Price: $20.00
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"love OneMail - was absolutely a crucial piece of my ability to stay connected to home while in Antarctica on my multiple expeditions this past December and January. It will be equally great to have while attempting Everest and Lhotse in Nepal during April and May of this year as well…hoping to send an email from high camp to my family and friends. All the best, Andrew

"Just to let you guys know, One Mail works great. I don't think there is anything else out there that works gmail through a sat phone.
Well done, Gregg"

"As an ocean rower with limited bandwidth in satellite communications (the Iridium GO), it was important for me to have reliable email communication with my shore team and others and the option to conveniently send images for my blog updates. OneMail’s ability to reliably check my existing email accounts and allow me to choose what to download gave me terrific email control."Erden Eruc

OneMail is the ideal solution for accessing YOUR Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, Exchange, and other email accounts via satellite or low bandwidth connections such as Iridium GO, Globalstar SatFi, Thuraya IP, and others. (may require Sidekick device) .

OneMail accounts can be activated for as little as one month with discounts available for one year activations.

  • Works great over cellular or limited internet connections or standard network connections
  • Easy setup
  • Supports most email services: Gmail Exchange Yahoo AOL iCloud, etc.
  • Check multiple email addresses at once
  • Monitor up to 2 Gmail addresses simultaneously
  • Send & receive attachments of all types and sizes including pictures, gribs, videos, pdfs and more
  • One-tap mail tagging
  • Emails are left on server for access later via your standard methods
  • Download only the messages that are important to you
  • Photo compression service: Powerful image optimization built in


OneMail is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Better than Iridium Mail & Web!

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Are you running OneMail on your iPhone or Android phone? With the OneMail app - sending photos is more cost effective and reliable than ever.

We all take photos with our phones. When we travel taking these photos and showing them to others can be the most powerful way to communicate what we are experiencing. Sending photos allows us to instantly describe in detail what we are seeing or experiencing. Photos can also be a key tool for getting help and picture quality can be very important when taking a picture of a broken part that we need to get replaced.

Detail is key - but so is the cost to transmit that image via the satellite network. As the costs vary widely from satellite service to satellite service, one thing is constant - it cost a lot more to send data over satellite than over cellular. How can OCENS help with this? OCENS OneMail allows you send very high quality photos directly from your iOS or Android device without the need to manipulate the image in any way to reduce the file size. Our app takes care of that for you - automatically. Look at the following examples to see for yourself how well this is done.

Photo thumbnails are all sized to the same dimension for comparison - you can click on the photo to download the full image for close examination.

Image taken with iPhone and sent via Apple Mail in full size: Same image sent via OCENS OneMail:
2.1MB 38KB
3648 × 2736 pixels 853 × 640 pixels
300 pixels/inch 72 pixels/inch
Transfer time via Iridium GO:
about 145 minutes
Transfer time via Iridium GO:
about 3 minutes

2.2MB 60KB
3648 × 2736 pixels 853 × 640 pixels
300 pixels/inch 72 pixels/inch
Transfer time via Iridium GO:
about 150 minutes

Transfer time via Iridium GO:
about 4 minutes

Send Pictures, not Postage Stamps!