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Saga Explorer (Saga) is your global source for premium weather, ocean and fishing GRIBs, coastal, offshore, and high seas text forecasts, buoy data and Nexrad radar loops.

To take full advantage of Saga and blend GRIB data with text, buoy and radar content, a subscription to the OCENS Everon data service is highly recommended. Working together with Everon, Saga is able to rapidly deliver compressed GRIBs, text forecasts, buoy information, and Nexrad radar to any location on earth via satellite or wifi connections. There is a low subscription fee to use Everon, either through Pay-as-You-Use or Unlimited Plans.

Tell Your Weather Story

Saga acquires raw GRIB weather, ocean and fishing data and processes it into the building blocks of your voyage preparation and at-sea decision making. Saga’s exceptional GRIB data and analytics generates interactive images carrying unparalleled insights into the environment around you. Into these GRIBs, Saga melds coastal, offshore and high seas text forecasts from around the world and near-real time data from over 1000 buoys and Nexrad radar loops. Layered content is displayed on a background of high resolution earth imagery for any location in the world. Fingertip pointing reveals high accuracy lat/lon position, bearing and range and, of course, the measure of the weather or ocean parameter value(s).

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Saga also adds Satellite Mode to conventional Wi-Fi retrieval. Satellite Mode enables connectivity from Saga through Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar satellite phones & OCENS’ Everon data servers. Obtain the highest quality weather & ocean data FOR anywhere on Earth FROM anywhere on Earth!

One-of-a-Kind Tools

Explore your data and augment your decision-making with analytical tools unique to Saga such as Trip Planner, Time Profiling, Route Finder, Thermocline and FishMap.

  • Route Finder narrows your analysis to a single frame of data. Draw a route or transect across any portion of the GRIB frame in front of you. Route Finder responds by casting a 2D chart to show the changes in wind or other Saga parameters along that line. Otherwise subtle or obscure weather or ocean conditions are revealed and actionable with Route Finder’s 2D analytics.
  • Time Profile looks through Time across all the frames of your data (a 3 day wave forecast may contain 12 or more ‘frames’ of data). Launch Time Profile and point to any spot on the current frame. Time Profiler displays a chart of weather or ocean conditions at that point through all frames of the GRIB you are using. Move your pointer around the screen and the Time Profiler graph dynamically adjusts itself to the target location and the changes in weather that are occurring through time at that spot.
  • Trip Planner is a one-of-a-kind optimum router for your next voyage. Sketch a proposed route on your Saga GRIB and then use Trip Planner to adjust your departure date/time and/or boat speed to find the best route through the weather ahead.
  • Saga tells an awesome story for our fishermen. For you it adds global sea surface AND sub-surface temperature, sea surface height, and ocean currents to its huge met library. Sub-surface temperature data is converted to a thermocline chart of temperature at depth. Rapid changes in temperature at depth reveal not just the bottom of the mixed layer but also critical fishing insights. We further link the Thermocline and Mixed Layer information to our tool set of species-specific preferred temperature zones so you quickly see where the preferred temperatures for your target species are located at and under the surface. Click the FishMap tool and Saga creates a 2D chart identifying ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ zones for your target species.
  • Download SAGA Explorer from the Apple App Store:

    Register for service by entering your preferred username and password above and selecting any prepaid amount you wish to add to your service*. This will setup your account for all data downloads via your SAGA Explorer iPad app.

    Username and Password will be confirmed via email once your account has been activated. You will then need to enter this information into the setting in the SAGA Explorer iPad app.

    Available service plans include:

    Unlimited GRIB Met plans include unlimited access to wind, wave, surface pressure, 500 mb height, precipitation, cloud cover, lifted index, CAPE, and air temperature. 

    • 1 month $45*
    • 3 month $75*
    • 6 month $120*
    • 12 months $180*

      *Downloads of ocean products are NOT included in your Unlimited GRIB Met plan and will be charged separately at $5 per piece downloaded. See below for description of ocean data products.


    Unlimited GRIB Met and Ocean data plans include all Met data (see above) as well as ocean currents, sea surface temperature, sea surface height, sea surface salinity, mixed layer depth and chlorophyll.

    • 1 month $99.99
    • 3 month $225
    • 6 month $420
    • 12 month $750


    Unlimited accounts auto-renew at a term of equal length to that of original registration unless OCENS is otherwise notified by user. Multiple auto-renewal reminders are sent prior to auto-renewal.