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Sailor Fleet One from Cobham
Sailor Fleet One from Cobham
Cost effective hardware solutions and tailored airtime options
Sidekick Satellite Wi-Fi Router
Sidekick Satellite Wi-Fi Router
Connect smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to satellite phones that do not have built-in Wi-Fi
Sailor 150
Sailor 150
Thrane & Thrane Sailor 150 - FleetBroadband system.
KVH TracPhone V3-IP or HTS  mini-VSAT
KVH TracPhone V3-IP or HTS mini-VSAT
The smallest, lightest, and least expensive hardware of any VSAT product ever released.

OCENS communication services can increase Expedition revenues, cost-effectively address your administrative and logistical requirements and innovatively respond to marketplace pressure for enhanced access to voice and Internet communication. You want to deliver to your guests a set of memories they will praise for years to come. Perhaps you also need the services associated with such an experience to stand out clearly from that available from your rivals. OCENS can help you do so with its diverse array of satellite communication options and enhancements. Our Fleet Broadband and VSAT solutions provide voice and broadband data services that address your operational demands. In-house IT and networking teams can help you incorporate vessel wireless and wired networks into your satellite communication offering, then support those needs after install. We look forward to wrapping these components and services together into a solution unique to the guest experience and business model of your Expedition vessels.

Fleet Broadband

If your applications require a mix of high and low bandwidth connectivity without capital costs breaking the bank, the Fleet Broadband service can be your most responsive solution. OCENS Fleet 150 packages from Skipper or Sailor are ideal for small to medium-sized Expedition vessels where space is particularly limiting but broadband connections a necessity. The Fleet 250 systems are best suited for customers who demand higher upload and download speeds or experience heavier networking demands such as is the case if guest access to the Internet is something you are considering. Coverage extends from 70 N to 70 S


OCENS sells the V3 VSAT system and service. VSAT best addresses that portion of the Expedition market where Internet access is a must. Although the V3 capital costs are significantly higher and its speeds inferior to the bandwidth available through Fleet Broadband, it delivers broadband access at a much lower cost per megabyte than can Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband. As a result, extensive Internet access for guests and vessel operations can be affordable if managed properly. Coverage is regional.


With the new Sidekick Wi-Fi / Firewall device you can avoid runaway satellite phone airtime bills thanks to its powerful firewall and it makes connection your PC or Mac computer to your satellite phone effortless. The Sidekick creates a Wi-Fi hotspot (or provides Ethernet ports) for you to quickly and easily connect your computer to your satellite equipment without hassle of installing USB drivers and dial-up networking services on your computer.

Iridium Pilot

Welcome to the NEXT generation of global maritime communications. Engineered to perform in blazing sun, frigid cold, or high winds, Iridium Pilot delivers broadband data and high-quality voice in one low-cost platform. With truly pole-to-pole coverage, Iridium Pilot keeps ships connected everywhere on the planet.