Inmarsat Fleet F33/F55/F77 Airtime

Inmarsat announces EoL closure for Fleet 33, 55, 77 and MPDS

Inmarsat has released a revised EOL (End of Life) date for Fleet 33 and 55. The services which were originally marked to close at the end of 2018, will now cease to operate from 31st March 2018.

Updated EOL dates for remaining E&E services are as follows:

Legacy Service Closing Closure Date
MPDS 31st December 2017
Fleet 33 & 55 31st March 2018
Fleet 77 1st December 2020

Please note that Inmarsat remains committed to supporting the Inmarsat C maritime safety service, which will be migrated onto the Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation, as the Inmarsat-3 satellite constellation moves closer to reaching the end of its lifespan.

Please contact OCENS regarding activating this service.