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If you have more questions and/or need further assistance please contact us at: 1.206.878.8270

You can also email our support team HERE.

Iridium encourages its customers to call the dedicated test number – free of charge, at any time – to ensure their phone is working properly (00-1-480-752-5105).

911 On your Iridium

Important numbers to save on your Iridium phone

Instructional Videos
Preparing your satellite phone
Testing your Satellite Phone
Dialing and completing a call
SMS Messaging with your satellite phone

  •    Unlocking your phone with the PUK number
    • Power the phone on
      BLOCKED SIM is displayed
      Press **05*
      Press the Green button on the left
      Enter the PUK#
      It will request the new unlock code to be entered twice and then you’re all set. Iridium GO!


 Download Iridium GO! GEOS Brochure
 Download Iridium GO! App Quick Start Guide (Android & iOS)
 Download Iridium GO! Advanced Portal Quick Start Guide
 Download Iridium GO! User Manual

 Download Firmware Upgrade Tool ver. 2.1.8


Downloads and Support file: Click Here


Downloads and Support files Click Here


Downloads and Support files Click Here

Iridium Pilot/OpenPort

Downloads and Support files Click Here