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If you have more questions and/or need further assistance please contact us at: 1.206.878.8270

You can also email our support team HERE.

Iridium encourages its customers to call the dedicated test number – free of charge, at any time – to ensure their phone is working properly (00-1-480-752-5105).

911 On your Iridium

Important numbers to save on your Iridium phone

Instructional Videos
Preparing your satellite phone
Testing your Satellite Phone
Dialing and completing a call
SMS Messaging with your satellite phone

  •    Unlocking your phone with the PUK number
    • Power the phone on
      BLOCKED SIM is displayed
      Press **05*
      Press the Green button on the left
      Enter the PUK#
      It will request the new unlock code to be entered twice and then you’re all set. Iridium GO!

Iridium GO!

How to use your Iridium GO!

 Download Iridium GO! GEOS Brochure
 Download Iridium GO! App Quick Start Guide (Android & iOS)
 Download Iridium GO! Advanced Portal Quick Start Guide
 Download Iridium GO! User Manual

 Download Firmware Upgrade Tool ver. 2.1.8

9575 Extreme

Downloads and Support file: Click Here


Downloads and Support files Click Here


Downloads and Support files Click Here

Iridium Pilot/OpenPort

Downloads and Support files Click Here