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If you have more questions and/or need further assistance please contact us at: 1.206.878.8270

You can also email our support team HERE.

Test Your Phone for FREE!

If your phone has been out of use for a period of time, make a free test call by dialing +870 776 999 999 from your IsatPhone Pro.

  • To check the balance of your prepaid airtime plan from your Isatphone dial: *106# then press the green dial key



Using the IsatPhone

IsatPhone 2 User Guide, version 2



Please make sure you are running the latest firmware on your device for proper operation. You can find more information on this via Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro site:  Isatphone Support / Firmware


When using the Isatphone for data connections we recommend using our Sidekick firewall / Wi-Fi device and our software for reliable and costeffective data transfers. Click Here for details on the Sidekick