Iridium GO! exec Global Commercial Marine Monthly Plans

Iridium GO! exec Global Commercial Marine Monthly Plans

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The Iridium GO! exec Global Commercial Marine Monthly Plans, available through OCENS, are designed to provide commercial marine users with reliable communication in remote areas. With the new Iridium GO! exec device, users can stay connected in the middle of the ocean where traditional communication methods are unavailable at much faster data speeds than before.

The plans offer a variety of options to choose from, allowing users to find the right platform for their specific needs. Users can switch between plans on a calendar month basis, providing the flexibility to ramp up usage during peak periods and save during the off-season.

These plans are ideal for users in the fishing, pulling, cruising, charter/expedition, and workboat industries who require cost-effective access to weather, email, internet, and voice communications.

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Iridium GO! exec Global Commercial Marine Monthly Plans

Monthly Plan Flexibility

OCENS allows you to switch between any of the Iridium GO! exec Global Commercial Marine Monthly Plans on a calendar month basis.

This gives you the flexibility to ramp up for heavy usage when you are going to need it and throttle back to save during the off season.

Iridium Coverage
Global Coverage

Iridium Coverage

The distinct constellation architecture of Iridium sets it apart as the sole network with complete global coverage, ensuring that communication is possible from any point on the planet. Through cross-linking of satellites, the network boasts dependable, low-latency, and weather-resistant connections.

Global Commercial Marine Monthly Plan Details

*Allowance plan value if all data is used in region. Identical plans available for continent of South America out 200 miles including Panama Canal and Galapagos and for Sub-Saharan Africa (south of the equator and out 200 miles)

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