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Coastal and Offshore Weather: The Essential Handbook,

by Chris Parker, now in its 5th Edition.

  • If you have never read a book on marine weather, this is the perfect introduction to the subject. Most topics are covered on 1 or 2 pages, so it’s easy to digest.
  • If you have read lots of weather books but didn’t completely understand them, then this is the perfect book to give you the foundation to understand other weather books.
  • And, if you have mastered several other marine weather books, then this is a good book to expand your understanding, as I approach the subject very differently from any other weather book.

From the Foreword...

I explore many topics of keen interest to mariners (like how to pick a good anchorage for the weather, how to pick a good cut to pass through and when to cross the Gulf Stream) which weather-only books fail to address and which non-weather authorities have generally failed to cover in the manner I do. The scope of this book is, however, limited by design. This is a basic book about marine weather applicable to the Bahamas and Southeast US Coast. It’s also covers some advanced topics and contains unique, up-to-date reference guides to the various weather analysis and forecast products (and exactly how to access them) available from numerous sources applicable to this geographical area. While most of what I write is scientifically accurate, I have taken occasional liberties in an effort to simplify discussions and enhance understanding of complex topics. For additional information, I recommend browsing various educational Web sites for topics of interest to you.From reading this book, you will have a good understanding of the basics, so I’d jump right into educational Web sites from NOAA and various Universities.